Press release

“Wise choices – Strengthening the sexual and reproductive health of young and young adults” is a three-year national project. It is funded by the Finnish Ministry of Social Affairs and Health from the Fund of Promotion of Welfare in 2018-2020. The project strengthens the ability of young and young adults, especially men, to evaluate, strengthen and protect their own sexual and reproductive health. One’s ability to make wise choices is based on accurate knowledge. The project emphasizes that good health equals good sexual and reproductive health and good sexual and reproductive health equals good health. This project aims to strengthen health throughout the course of life.

The young and young adults need to have up-to-date and interesting information about sexual and reproductive health. They need know-how and tools to assess their own health. With these, their attitude towards positive and responsible sexuality, and overall good fertility awareness, will increase. The project also aims to strengthen the ability of professionals working with youth and young adults to support and guide them into better sexual and reproductive health.

The project produces material and tools that enable individuals and couples to discuss and make informed choices about family planning and timing of pregnancy. The project supports the implementation of Finnish national sexual and reproductive health recommendations.

The project collaborates with the Federation of Tampere Evangelical Lutheran Parishes, Finnish Student Health Services, Tampereen Nuorisoasema (A-klinikka), Mannerheim League for Child Welfare Häme  and Finnish Defence Forces Pirkanmaa.

ViVa in 2015-2017

ViVa! Wise choices for parenthood – flimsy knowledge increases risks

ViVa is a three-year, joint project of TAMK and Pirkanmaa Hospital District where good, far-reaching health choices of youth and families are promoted.

Many of us wish to start a family and have children during the course of our lives. Every family wishes for the woman to have a good chance for a healthy pregnancy, feel well during the pregnancy and give birth to a healthy child. A good birth is an encouraging start for parenthood and empowers the relationship between parents. The health choices that are made already early in life, strongly affects fertility. However, the knowledge of fertility factors is flimsy. Obesity, gestational diabetes, infertility, smoking, use of cannabis and other drugs and depression mirror long-term health problems for women, men and children.

The health awareness, skills of youth and families and their possibilities to choose wisely are promoted in this project. Up-to-date health knowledge and skills are researched and distributed through the ViVa project. This knowledge and skill is what every child would wish for their parent to know. The gathered information is distributed for people to use and access easily, for example, into social media as videos, blogs and electronic guides. The department of obstetrics and gynaecology of Tampere University Hospital in Pirkanmaa Hospital District will produce easily accessible services for customers and co-operating partners. In addition, the skills of professionals who participate in the birth process are developed during the project.

The project is funded by a grant from the National Institute for Health and Welfare allocated by the Ministry of Social Affairs and Health of Finland. The partners in the project are the City of Tampere, the Federation of Finnish Midwives (Suomen Kätilöliitto ry), the Family Federation of Finland (Väestöliitto ry), the Mannerheim League for Child Welfare (Häme) and Vauvantai.